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Recruitment is now a different playing field and recruiters need to incorporate a wider range of skills and expertise to stay ahead of the game.

Gone are the days where bucket loads of candidates applied for positions via job boards. For recruiters now, it is like participating in the ‘Hunger Games’ and battling to be victorious in getting that ideal candidate for your client.

So how can all this change?

Recruiters now need to start thinking like modern digital marketers and consider candidates more like customers.

Does this mean that you are a modern digital marketer if you are already using Social Media to source candidates?

Well in one word no.  Recruiters need to be tech savvy, hybrid marketers who utilise a variety of different digital channels and methods at the one time.  Hybrid marketers excel in digital marketing disciplines of analytics, automation, content, email and social.

Only 20% of recruitment agencies are using email campaigns, 15% have established a mobile website and only 9% use SEO.

As a recruitment agency it is a competitive market.  So what can you do to make your recruitment agency stand out from the pack and attract a pool of candidates?

Drum roll please.  Recruitment Marketing.

Recruitment marketing is to think like a modern marketer using inbound marketing strategies and technology.  It is about building relationships with candidates well before the application.

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Here’s how you can incorporate an inbound recruiting model into your recruitment agency.

  1. Nominating Your Marketing Team

Start by determining what support/skills you will need in your modern marketing team and then assess the skills of your current staff, taking into consideration the following areas:

Website management
Buyer Persona development
Lead nurturing and automation
Campaign creation & management
CTA & conversion path building
Landing page creation
Copy writing
Email marketing
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Keyword research
Graphic design
Social media publishing
Strategic planning
Data analysis

  1. Create Candidate Personas

Creating buyer personas is essential to every targeted marketing strategy.  You need to have a clear picture of who your ideal customer is to create an effective plan to reach them.

The same principles apply to when you are recruiting.  Remember your candidates are your customers.  When you have a role, you need to know who you are really looking for.  Forget about the job title.  What does the ideal candidate really look like to you?

Ask the following questions:

  • What really matters to them when researching career options?
  • What type of information and resources would they want?
  • Where do they go for this information and resources?
  • What are their primary concerns and questions?
  • What is their educational background and career experience?
  • How do they evaluate companies?
  • What do they value, and how do they make career decisions?
  1. Building Brand Positioning

It is a candidate-driven marketplace so candidates care about where they apply.

It is a recruiter’s role to attract candidates to not only your own recruitment agency’s brand but to your client’s brand enticing them to want to learn more. Think of it as the first step to the building blocks in creating a relationship with the candidate that hasn’t yet applied for a role and building your recruiting pipeline.

  1. Create content that is purely driven by candidate-focus

You can’t drive a car without a driver, just like content is your driver in any candidate-focus campaign.  Your content is driven by your candidate personas.  As a recruiter, you need to be blogging, creating eBooks, uploading photos, videos and creating more targeted content at career candidates.  These content creation strategies are the ideal way to engage prospective candidates in your client’s brand.

  1. Be a unique recruiter – create landing pages with profiling questions

Move away from the traditional job listings and online forms and use landing pages with lead forms to capture candidates.  This will differentiate you from other recruitment agencies.  These forms should be linked to a back-end content management system, which maintains updated records for each candidate.  Hubspot and Clinch have some excellent landing page templates.  This will help provide greater insight into candidates and connect their responses to contact records in your marketing automation software for scoring and nurturing.

  1. Score and segment candidates using behaviour-based signals

Once you have gathered profile information on your candidate, set up a candidate scoring system to determine specific skills, education and experience.

This is where marketing technology comes into play in the recruiting process.  You can use behaviour-based signals to impact candidates’ overall ratings.  Which pages did they view?  Did they click on the ‘careers’ page recommended reading links?  On which social media channel are they following the client?  You can then group your candidates into priority lists.

  1. Activate automated email workflows

Nurture, nuture, nuture.  You need to nurture your candidates.  Again, this is where marketing technology is a great tool as it provides you with the tools to generate automated emails and offer additional touch points to monitor their engagement and interest.

Just like with the buyer’s journey – Awareness, Consideration, Decision – the same applies to the candidate’s journey.  You need to nurture your candidates with the relevant content at the stage they are at in their candidate journey.

Through utilising recruitment marketing and inbound recruiting strategies, you will have a network of quality candidates at your finger-tips and give your recruitment agency a distinct advantage in sourcing top quality candidates.

  1. Don’t let your candidate and client relationship end once a candidate has been appointed

Bonus Marketing Tip.  Once you have appointed your candidate into a role, use marketing automation to keep in touch with both your candidate and client.  Schedule regular emails to provide recommended resources and to continually advance their knowledge and capabilities.

Remember your candidate may also become a client one day and your current client contact may move to another company!

The Author

Bernadette Beach

Bernadette Beach is the Recruitment Marketer, with over 20 year's experience in recruitment and marketing, Bernadette has brought her knowledge and experience and developed a Recruitment Marketing Model for recruitment agencies, based on inbound marketing methodologies and technology.


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