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Don’t find students for your courses, find courses for your students.

As a Training Provider, finding students has now become harder than ever since government changes in 2017.

The way students select a college and/or training institution has changed.

Having set-up and owned a large Registered Training Organisation, I know first-hand the importance of marketing and what works and what doesn’t work.

Training providers now need to start thinking more like digital marketers and treat their students like customers.

Recruitment Marketing is the perfection solution in recruiting students for your college and/or institution.

How does it work?

Students may start researching a course but may not be ready to apply to undertake the course. You need to nurture these relationships with your brand, educate them and provide career information so when the time is right, they will apply to your college or institution because of your brand.

What if you there was a system that would attract students to
apply at your college or institution?

Suddenly recruiting students just got easier

Unlimited quality candidates are applying to your business

There is a 50% reduction in costs in hiring staff as your brand is doing most of the work for you

A 28% reduction in staff turnover

A high powered recruiting engine making recruitment easy

The Recruitment Marketer Formula

Attracting and recruiting students is easy with my formula.

The Recruitment Marketer formula is most successful when all 4 steps are implemented, however all services can be delivered individually.

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