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Having consulted with businesses from small to large organisations, the same challenges keep reappearing and facing businesses:

  • Frustrated by the lack of quality candidates and the “wait’ and ‘hope’ approach
  • Wanting to promote employer brand but don’t know how, unsure of where to start or don’t have the time
  • Lack of expertise of staff to be able to provide long term solutions inrecruitment strategies and recruitment and marketing departments not working cohesively together.

Promoting your brand and recruitment doesn’t need to be an ongoing challenge once you know the successful formula in recruitment marketing.

What if you there was a system that would attract top talent to
want to work for your business?

Suddenly recruiting just got easier

Unlimited quality candidates are applying to your business

There is a 50% reduction in costs in hiring staff as your brand is doing most of the work for you

A 28% reduction in staff turnover

A high powered recruiting engine making recruitment easy

The Recruitment Marketer Formula

Attracting and retaining talent is easy with my formula.

The Recruitment Marketer formula is most successful when all 4 steps are implemented, however all services can be delivered individually.

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