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As a recruiter during my working history, my mantra has always been treat candidates like customers and the talent pool will be overflowing.   Should this same principle apply to sourcing recruiters for a recruitment agency? Absolutely!

The biggest challenges faced by recruitment agencies today is not only finding recruitment consultants but retaining them long term.  This article will show you how to perfect your recruitment strategy with these 5 inbound steps to attract recruitment consultants.

Embrace Modern Recruiting – you won’t regret it.

It is a tight marketplace and the recruitment agencies with the best brand positioning, content campaigns and present a strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP), secure and keep recruitment consultants.

As the face of recruitment is changing and technology is becoming the driver of any recruitment campaign, recruitment agencies need to embrace the new breed of recruitment methodology and think like modern digital marketers, using inbound marketing strategies and technology to recruit and retain their recruitment consultants.

Now top recruitment agencies are using inbound recruiting (inbound marketing strategy) and Recruitment Marketing platforms (technology) to source and retain their recruitment consultants, rather than relying on Rec to Rec agencies and job board advertising

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Here’s how you create an Inbound Recruiting Model.

  1. Create a Recruitment Consultant Personas

You need to have a clear picture of who your ideal recruitment consultant is to create an effective plan to reach them.

What does the ideal recruitment consultant really look like to you?

Ask the following questions:

  • What are their goals and challenges?
  • What previous companies and industries have they worked in?
  • What are their demographics?
  • What are their primary concerns and questions?
  • What is their educational background and career experience?
  • What is important to them in evaluating recruitment agencies? Their motivations? Their drivers?
  • What do they value, and how do they make career decisions?
  1. Building Your Recruitment Agency Brand Positioning

Recruitment consultants spend a lot of time online researching recruitment agencies and it is important to them to join a company that reflects their values and career goals.

Be different in how you promote your recruitment agency brand. Remember it is not only about the role, it is about what you can offer them in terms of value and benefits as well as the personality and culture of the recruitment agency. Be creative, set up events, Google hang outs where people can get to speak to the team. Use landing pages to show the fun side of your business as well as promote EVP in your recruitment agency.

Do you have a career website?

A career website is only as good as the content that is contained within it. Make sure your career website has photos, videos of staff talking about their role and the company, technology used and career opportunities. Create stories about the people, the culture and recruitment agency. If you don’t have staff will the relevant expertise, outsource to a digital agency with expertise in careers and recruitment.

  1. Create content to lead recruitment consultants to you

Content, content, content.  Content is king, queen and the whole deck of cards.  All your content will be focused around your Recruitment Consultant persona.  To promote your recruitment agency brand, you will need to blog, create eBooks, upload photos and videos.  This is where the technology comes into play as a Recruitment Marketing platform provides you with the powerful tools to assist you with a content management system to help create content campaigns.

  1. EVP to a Recruitment Consultant

Think about how your recruitment agency will differ from other agencies.  How do you support your recruitment consultants with innovation and technology?  Are you embracing digital technology and do you have a Recruitment Marketing platform to support your recruitment consultants in being successful?  Do you provide ongoing training in sales and marketing to develop your recruitment consultant’s skills?  How will you reward your recruitment consultants and do you embrace employee contribution and ideas?

If you are a recruitment agency that is currently using inbound marketing strategies and a Recruitment Marketing technology platform, this naturally presents itself as part of an employer value propositioning as recruitment consultants can see first-hand the innovation and technology that is being embraced within the recruitment agency.

Develop your EVP and promote this in your content campaigns.

  1. Activate automated email workflows

Recruitment consultants may be screening your recruitment agency, reading your content, redirecting to your landing pages and reviewing your career website well before they decide.  During this journey (Awareness, Consideration, Decision), you need to nurture them with relevant content until they are at the point in the journey to make a decision.    This is the candidate experience.

Again, this is where a Recruitment Marketing platform provides you with the tools to generate automated emails and offer additional touchpoints to monitor their engagement and interest.

By embracing Inbound Recruiting and utilising a Recruitment Marketing platform, the headaches of sourcing and retaining recruitment consultants will be nothing but a distant memory.   You will become a Recruitment Agency of choice for recruitment consultants and lead your team in innovation and technology by moving forward with the latest recruitment methodologies.

The Author

Bernadette Beach

Bernadette Beach is the Recruitment Marketer, with over 20 year's experience in recruitment and marketing, Bernadette has brought her knowledge and experience and developed a Recruitment Marketing Model for recruitment agencies, based on inbound marketing methodologies and technology.


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