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Having been in the recruitment industry for over 20 years, recruiting is very different now than it was in the past and it has become a lot harder for recruiters to source quality candidates.

Recruiters now need to start thinking like modern digital marketers, but do recruiters have the marketing skills to be able to do this? Take a peak at a Recruitment Marketer Job Description to see what skills are required.

Now let’s look at the difference between Recruitment Marketing and Recruiting.

Recruiters focus on partnering with hiring managers to fill open jobs with qualified candidates; Recruitment Marketing focuses on brand awareness, reputation management, social engagement and lead generation—attracting quality candidates that help recruiters fill jobs faster and easier.

Big difference.

My mission –To be the bridge between recruiting and recruitment marketing providing that support to recruitment agencies.

My mantra – Treat Candidates like Customers.

My purpose – To raise the profile and standard of recruitment agencies and educate and empower recruiters to provide an interactive and communicative candidate journey and experience.

And I’m not stopping there. I want recruiters to become so knowledgeable in recruitment marketing that they can use this knowledge to value add to their clients using employer branding practices.

Whether you are a start-up recruitment agency, small or large recruitment agency, The Recruitment Marketer (me! and my team) can

  • Promote and position your recruitment agency brand
  • Build a powerful recruiting engine providing you with unlimited candidates
  • Reduce your hiring costs by 50%
  • Make placements faster, easier increasing your profits
  • Increase the standard of your recruiters and develop modern recruiters of tomorrow

This is how The Recruitment Marketer does it…


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