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Content Marketing

Blogs & Newsletters

I know recruitment. I know candidates. I know marketing. Let my professional copywriting skills make your company look great by writing educational and engaging blogs that target your clients and target your candidates individually.  Blogs and newsletters work by doing them consistently.  I can do that for you.

Email Campaigns

Email is the perfect content marketing strategy to develop and nurture relationships with your clients and candidates.  You can add value to your clients, promote special offers and position yourself as an expert in your field.  Promote positions to candidates as well as provide educational career information and industry advice.  Let me create and design an email marketing campaign.

Branding & Design

Does your brand identity capture the essence of your company?  Your brand identity is your signature on the world and the difference you make. It needs to set you apart from your competitors and speak to your target market. From logo design, brochures (printed and electronic) and promotional material, my team can design the right material to communicate your message.

Social Media

Recruitment Marketing incorporates a high level of Social Media interaction.  It takes a lot of time to implement a quality social media marketing strategy. You need to be able to write engaging content, design images and implement strategies.  Our Social Media campaigns does this all for you with the objective of improving your recruiting, get more leads and improve social interaction.