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The Inbound Recruitment Model: How to attract top Recruitment Consultants

As a recruiter during my working history, my mantra has always been treat candidates like customers and the talent pool will be overflowing.   Should this same principle apply to sourcing recruiters for a recruitment agency? Absolutely! The biggest challenges faced by recruitment agencies today is not only finding recruitment consultants but retaining them long term.  This article will show you how to perfect your recruitment strategy with these 5 inbound steps to attract recruitment consultants. Embrace Modern Recruiting – you won’t regret it. It is a tight marketplace and the recruitment agencies with the best brand positioning, content campaigns and… continue reading >>

8 Steps on How to Introduce Inbound Recruiting into Your Recruitment Agency

Recruitment is now a different playing field and recruiters need to incorporate a wider range of skills and expertise to stay ahead of the game. Gone are the days where bucket loads of candidates applied for positions via job boards. For recruiters now, it is like participating in the ‘Hunger Games’ and battling to be victorious in getting that ideal candidate for your client. So how can all this change? Recruiters now need to start thinking like modern digital marketers and consider candidates more like customers. Does this mean that you are a modern digital marketer if you are already… continue reading >>

9 Reasons Why Top Recruitment Agencies are using a Recruitment Marketing Platform?

Technology is changing the face of the recruitment industry.  Many recruiters are failing to cope with the changes in technology in sourcing candidates.  Job boards are becoming less effective and Linkedin, once a valuable resource, is now being utilised by just about every recruitment agency, which makes it harder in sourcing candidates. So how do recruitment agencies embrace the changes in technology and incorporate this into the way they source candidates? Firstly, let’s look at the strategy before we talk about the technology.  It is called Recruitment Marketing. Recruitment Marketing to put it quite simply, is the newest concept in… continue reading >>