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Hi, I’m Bernadette Beach. And for over 20 years now, my work passion and purpose has been in recruitment helping businesses internally as well as an external consultant, source five star candidates (I’m a marketer at heart).

I’m on a mission and my mission now is to educate and develop recruiters, HR Managers, Training Managers and anyone involved in recruitment of staff and students to raise the profile and standard of recruitment services and candidate experience. By helping businesses like yours embrace modern recruitment marketing with the systems, strategies and mindset makeover, you can ignite your business’ recruiting engine.

Let’s take you from the recruitment of yesterday of post, wait and pray for quality candidates and move you forward to become a leader in the emerging discipline of Recruitment Marketing.

To your endless supply of candidates!

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Let’s get straight to the formal definition of Recruitment Marketing.

Recruitment Marketing is the practice of promoting an employer brand and the value of working for an employer in order to attract and recruit talent.

You may be saying I do that already. Now let’s look at the difference between Recruitment Marketing and Recruiting.

Recruiters focus on partnering with hiring managers to fill open jobs with qualified candidates; Recruitment Marketing focuses on brand awareness, reputation management, social engagement and lead generation—attracting quality candidates that help recruiters fill jobs faster and easier.

So what does this all mean to Employers, Recruiters and Training Organisations? Read More…


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