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Social Media News

Ceipal Unveils New WhatsApp Integration

Boosting Recruiter Productivity By Leveraging The Power of WhatsApp Ceipal, the industry-leading AI-powered platform for total talent acquisition and automation, is proud to announce its latest integration with WhatsApp, the popular cross-platform messaging service. This innovative integration is set to revolutionize the way recruiters engage with candidates in real-time. Ceipal’s applicant tracking system (ATS) users […]

Recruitment Employer Branding

Unlocking Success in High-Volume Hiring

Recruitment Marketing Strategies for High Turnover Roles High-volume hiring is an integral part of many industries. Whether it’s the retail sector during the holiday season, the hospitality industry’s continuous need for staff, or the bustling world of call centers, organizations often find themselves navigating the challenging terrain of high turnover roles. These positions, characterized by […]

News Recruitment

Adecco’s Annual Holiday Hiring Roadshow Returns with “Jobmobiles” Hitting the Road

Adecco, U.S., a global leader in workforce solutions, is gearing up to recruit thousands of seasonal job openings, perfectly timed for the eagerly awaited return of its annual holiday hiring roadshow. Running from now through November, Adecco’s renowned career experts will embark on a cross-country journey in a fleet of “jobmobiles” to bring exciting opportunities […]

AI News

iCIMS Unveils Copilot: A Generative AI Recruiting Assistant

Las Vegas, October 10, 2023 – iCIMS, a renowned talent acquisition technology provider, is making waves at the HR Technology Conference by introducing its latest innovation, iCIMS Copilot – a generative AI-powered recruiting assistant. This cutting-edge tool is designed to enhance the talent acquisition journey, boosting efficiency and reshaping how organizations build and expand their […]

AI News

Unveiling Brion: Your AI-Powered Conversational Analytics Companion for Talent Acquisition

In the ever-evolving world of recruitment and talent acquisition, the quest for data-driven insights has never been more critical. Recruitics, a renowned provider of data-driven recruitment marketing solutions, is proud to introduce Brion—the world’s first AI-powered conversational analytics experience designed to revolutionize the way organizations interact with Talent Acquisition (TA) analytics. Brion is set to […]

Job Boards News

Andela Talent Cloud: Bridging the Gap Between Tech Talent and Business Success

AI-driven engine assesses 1000’s of data points to better match tech talent to jobs In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, businesses across the globe are in constant pursuit of top-tier technical talent to drive their success. Andela, renowned as the world’s largest private marketplace for technical talent, is proud to unveil the Andela Talent Cloud. […]

Recruitment Job Posting News

Quinto Unveils Cutting-Edge Job Description Tool

HRSG, a global pioneer in talent management aimed at enhancing organizational performance, has announced the official launch of Quinto, an innovative job description software that promises to redefine the way companies approach talent management. HRSG, with its extensive experience spanning startups, SMBs, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations, has been pivotal in assisting organizations in […]

Job Boards News

Yello Launches SkillsMatch For Early Talent Discovery

Yello Unveils SkillsMatch, Pioneering Early Talent Discovery at HR Tech Conference 2023 Yello is proud to introduce its groundbreaking product feature, SkillsMatch, at the HR Tech Conference 2023—a pioneering tool designed to identify untapped potential in early talent. Harness the might of intelligent automation as it seamlessly matches candidates, both new and existing, with skills […]