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BrightGo Raises $3M to Transform Janitorial Hiring

Meta and Asana veterans join forces to build modern SaaS software for the underserved janitorial industry

BrightGo, the cutting-edge janitorial software company, proudly announces the successful closure of a $3 million seed funding round, co-led by prominent venture capital firms Costanoa Ventures and Index Ventures. With an established customer base spanning the U.S. and Canada, BrightGo caters to janitorial services for national supermarket chains, retail outlets, malls, and other commercial properties. The infusion of funds will propel the company’s commitment to expediting product development.

Gerald Fong, Co-Founder and CEO of BrightGo, emphasized the longstanding neglect of the janitorial industry by the tech sector and its impact on millions of workers across the U.S. Fong stated, “The existing janitorial tools are outdated, cumbersome, and lack seamless integration. BrightGo is pioneering the development of the first comprehensive and user-friendly janitorial platform, benefiting both cleaners and owners. Our mission is to address a critical gap that has persisted for over three decades.”

Indeed, janitorial workers constitute the fifth largest job category in the U.S., playing a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness, presentation, and safety in office buildings, schools, supermarkets, and storefronts daily. The industry has grappled with outdated technologies, resulting in inefficient scheduling, inspection, and management processes. This not only delays payments to workers but also jeopardizes major commercial cleaning contracts, leading to increased overhead costs due to limited transparency, poor communication, and manual barriers to scaling business operations.

Targeting America’s Firth Largest Employment Sector

Michael Anastasi, Chief Operating Officer of Cleantech Services Group, attested to the transformative impact of BrightGo, stating, “Now with BrightGo, I can check before I have dinner, and know that our clients in the evening will all be taken care of. It’s very easy now to see we’re doing a good job with all our clients.”

Leveraging the ubiquity of smartphones among the janitorial workforce, BrightGo integrates an intuitive interface and mobile app functionality to simplify the management of large employee groups across multiple remote locations. Business owners gain access to a centralized dashboard for scheduling, attendance tracking, inspection systems, and an in-app employee communication portal. Further functionalities are slated for release in 2024.

Mark Selcow, Partner at Costanoa Ventures, commended BrightGo for revolutionizing a sector overlooked by technology for decades, emphasizing the significant impact the company can make in a top-five job sector.

Founded in 2023 by industry veterans Gerald Fong and Saagar Deshpande, BrightGo prioritized customer collaboration before launch to deeply understand the unique needs and expectations of the janitorial industry. The company plans to expand its team across all departments and invites interested candidates to apply at [email protected].

More About BrightGo

BrightGo empowers the janitorial industry with modern technology solutions to streamline and enhance workforce management. The company’s innovative platform allows business owners to manage scheduling, attendance tracking, inspection systems, and in-app employee communications. With mobile app integration, BrightGo ensures a seamless experience for contractors and employees, revolutionizing the janitorial industry.

To learn more about how BrightGo is modernizing the janitorial industry, visit

Oliver Feakins

Oliver Feakins

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Oliver Feakins is a 15 veteran of the HR Tech space with a special passion for recruitment marketing. Oliver is the CEO of TrackFive, a technology company that creates and operates career platforms in multiple markets

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