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News AI Introduces Talent Hub

A Game-Changer in Enhancing Recruiter Efficiency, the pioneer in Smart Interviewer™ technology driven by deep-learning AI, proudly unveils Talent Hub, a groundbreaking solution for recruiters and hiring managers. This innovative platform effectively halves the average time users spend on making critical hiring decisions.

At, we are committed to enhancing the candidate experience through our product investments. This dedication has earned us the trust of some of the world’s most reputable brands, who choose as their preferred hiring partner.

Talent Hub empowers users to efficiently and swiftly compare candidates based on key selection criteria, streamlining the decision-making process and freeing up valuable time for other essential activities.

Optimized To Save Recruiter’s Time

Barb Hyman, CEO of, emphasized the significance of Talent Hub for recruiters, stating, “No recruiter’s time is well-spent on endless candidate screening. For the average recruiter, Talent Hub significantly reduces the number of clicks required to review and shortlist candidates by an astounding 75%, making their job faster and less frustrating. This is a game-changer for our hardworking recruiters.”

In line with our dedication to enhancing the candidate experience, we are equally committed to delivering a universally beloved user experience. We are thrilled to announce that Talent Hub is available to all our customers, including those utilizing marketplace integrations.

Global industry leaders rely on to expedite and enhance their recruitment and promotion processes. Our conversational Natural Language Processing (NLP) chat AI conducts interviews, assesses candidates, and screens for top talent at scale through a user-friendly platform, offering valuable insights to both candidates and hiring teams.

Talent Hub is seamlessly accessible through the platform and offers direct integration with Applicant Tracking Systems, including Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, SmartRecruiters, and iCIMS.


Founded by a former Chief Human Resources Officer, is at the forefront of AI-driven disruption in HR. Trusted by some of the world’s most esteemed consumer brands, identifies untapped talent in a truly unique manner—by delving beyond the resume to uncover the true human potential of every applicant.

Our product harnesses the transformative power of machine learning to address age-old business challenges such as high turnover, while ensuring a fair and unbiased experience that naturally promotes diversity. At the heart of our innovation lies the Smart Interviewer™, empowering hiring managers and Talent Acquisition professionals while delivering a trusted and cherished experience for everyone.

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Oliver Feakins

Oliver Feakins

About Author

Oliver Feakins is a 15 veteran of the HR Tech space with a special passion for recruitment marketing. Oliver is the CEO of TrackFive, a technology company that creates and operates career platforms in multiple markets

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